National campaign of "Sachi" - "For Bulgaria - with less salt"

National cause to reduce the use of salt in daily routine of the Bulgarians launched today (September, 20th ) in Sofia. The initiative is titled “For Bulgaria – with less salt” and is a result of annual researches of policies and practices of nutrition in EU and in our country, and the needs of users as well, studied by the team of “Sachi” – the brand, under which is offered in Bulgaria reward series of meat products with a 30 % reduced quantity of salt.

The initiative “For Bulgaria – with less salt” started from ex Salt Market (currently – Perform Business Center”),  including the installation of a giant salter  to the Ministry of Health, near  the metro station Serdica. It is represent the quantity of salt which could be saved if Bulgaria chooses just one day with less consumption of salt.

Bulgaria is the second in salt consumption in the world. The experts thinks that this campaign is indispensable because it will help to aware the benefits of moderate use of salt and offer an alternative to keep the favorite flavors as well.



Shell Bulgaria presented the innovative fuels Shell Fuel Save in “Perform Business Center”

During a media event in “Perform Business Center” Shell Bulgaria presented Shell Fuel Save – new generation fuels which ensures savings immediately after the first charge. They replaced the main combustibles  Shell Diesel and Shell Unleaded 95 in all commercial stores and his price is the same like of the basic fuels, so the costumers do not pay more.


Especially for the presentation of Shell Fuel Save in Bulgaria arrived Dr. Andreas Shefer, a scientist from the team of Shell Global Solutions, scientific research unit of Shell, which develope the last technologies of the Shell’s fuels. During a special demonstration he presented the technology of advanced fuel and his type of work. The famous TV and radio presenter Iva Doychinova was among the first to test the immediate effect of Shell Fuel Save.



"CEZ Bulgaria" opens a new, modern Customer Service Center in the building of "Perform Business Center"

One of the main directions of investment policy of the company, which is part of "CEZ Group" - a mutlinational leader in the electricity market, is related with the improvement of the customer services. The implementation of an integrated information system for all of the bulgarian group's companies, allows the use of the services in each of the centers, regardless of the consumer's address.



The energy company ALPIQ with a new representative office

The swiss  company ALPIQ who operate in the sector of energy in most of 30 countries choose the quality and the functionality of PERFORM BUSINESS CENTER to relocate their representative office in Bulgaria. “ALPIQ Energy – CE” – Bulgaria operate with a large industrial customers and offer a innovative products for energy management and optimization .