Perform Business Center


PERFORM BUSINESS CENTER is built in the central city part and represents a luxurious office center – Business Class, providing working ambience corresponding to modern business society high criteria.


The building is built on a plot of 3,469 sq m facing four streets and having total built-up area of 37,062 square meters distributed in ten above ground levels of 19,997 sq m in total and five underground levels of 17,065 sq m in total.


Above ground floors have a stepped pyramidal volume and a height commensurate with the adjacent buildings and the street regulation line that is creating a completed volume-space composition and belongs to the surrounding in a unique way.

The building is equipped with modern systems and innovative technologies facilitating business partners and visitors at a maximum. Central communication body is located in the southwest part of the building having 4 high speed lifts plus 2 high speed lifts in the building central part, 3 staircases, 8 public WC and 2 for disabled people on each floor.


Synchronized with the European standards the access of disabled people to the building is through specially provided ramps from the main entrance and the reception and by the lifts to the office floors.
In five underground levels 400 secured parking places are provided and technical rooms where building installations will be located. Underground levels are connected with the above ground with three staircases, two spiral ramps for car access from the side of Volga Street (eastern part of the building) and exit to the side of Tri Ushi Street (western part of the building).